Monday, December 15, 2008

Widgets galore

Looking for widgets to add to your site? Look no further! Widget box is here! the world's largest widget marketplace, with widgets for Facebook, Blogger, TypePad, MySpace, Bebo, WordPress, Piczo, Xanga, Freewebs, Netvibes, Pageflakes, iGoogle, and all blogs and web pages. In short, if you want widgets, this is the first place to go. They have tons of free widgets that includes Christmas countdowns, Christmas trees, even games like Mario! Most of them are compatible with any type of blog or website.

You need to be a bit careful with browsing this site though. Because some of the widgets don't work at all. Some have issues. Make sure to check first if the widget is applicable to your blog or website before adding to avoid any issues. :)

Time to pimp your blogs right now!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Tree

Since Christmas is just around the corner, I will start the month right by posting Christmas-themed stuff... Starting with this Christmas Tree! :)

Decorate Your Own Christmas Tree

You can go ahead and decorate the tree however you want it. Happy Holidays!

*Credits to Her Maldita-ness for this wonderful widget. ;)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Teh Road to Plurk Nirvana~

Nirvana (noun)*
A term used in Hinduism, the native religion of India and third largest religion in the world behind Christianity and Islam. Hinduists believe that a person reincarnates until they achieve an understanding of the relationship between God(known by Bhrama or Atman) and man. The state at which this is achieved is known as nirvana, and person who has achieved this is known as a guru. It is believed that once nirvana is achieved, a person will achieve the aftelife, rather than reincarnating. (credits to Urban Dictionary for this definition)

But for those who had been using, Nirvana means a different thing entirely.

The Plurk environment, courtesy of the default friend, Plurk Buddy. is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send updates (otherwise known as plurks) through short messages or links, which can be up to 140 text characters in length.

Updates are then shown on the user's home page using a timeline which lists all the updates received in chronological order, and delivered to other users who have signed up to receive them. Users can respond to other users' updates from their timeline through the website, by instant messaging, or by text messaging. (Credits to my beloved, for this definition)

Basically, Plurk is Social Networking and Instant Messaging combined. Kinda like an open chatroom where anyone can pop in and give their two cents. A plurk post starts with a single random topic that any users think of, and others can give their opinion about it or not. It could be a simple "Good Morning" or as short as a simple smiley or emoticon.

What you need to remember is that Plurk is ruled by the Rule of karma. No, not the religious type of Karma principle that all the things you do will haunt you in your next life. But another kind of karma. Here at Plurk, if you remain active in posts, keep your profile updated, or just plain keep your account alive, Plurk gives you a number of points called karma. The higher the karma, the more perks you get. For example, reaching 10+ karma points enables you to change your Page title. When you get to 25+, you get additional smileys. And so on.

Registration is free and easy, and you get additional points for inviting a friend over. You can add up people to be your friend or just a plain fan, and you can also gain awards for the number of friends you've invited and the number of fans you have on the list.

Pros: You can easily earn plurk karma just by remaining active in the site. I've been in Plurk for two months already, and I'm already reaching 60+. When you reach an 81+ up to 100 karma, that's when you reach the desired Plurk Nirvana. The template can also be easily changed, and bookmarking of each entry is easy since you just have to remember a certain date and browse it.

Cons: Hmmm... a lot actually...
First issue, privacy. Though you can turn your whole Plurk account to private, there is still a possibility that the whole world can see your plurks if you haven't set that plurk to private. Which leads to the second issue...

Second issue, random friends/fans. Since your plurk is public, EVERYONE IN PLURK, even those without plurk accounts, can see your plurk. This also means that EVERYONE has the option to add you as their friend. I was able to randomly add myself as a fan to some plurkers, which is similar to "bookmarking" that certain user. Therefore, I get regular feeds of their public plurks. Sounds like a stalker, right? But that's just the fan mode. If you become a friend, you can get access to the private plurks as well (if the user permits it).

Third issue, the Plurk timeline. This horizontal moving timeline shows you everything, including the feeds from the plurks you subscribed as a fan. So what's the bad deal with that? There are no indications (color, tab, etc.) that differentiates between the plurk of your friends and those you've subscribed to. Hence, the confusion. Everyday, I have the problem of sorting out through various plurk entries trying to figure out which one is my fan subscription and which are from my friends. Seriously, if you have a short term memory like me, the ever changing usernames and avatar doesn't really help. Maybe if the usernames were italicized or colored, just to differentiate one from the other, I will not make the same mistake again of replying to a stranger's plurk (I'm so sorry for those people who thinks of me as rude!).

Lastly, Plurk is boring without friends. Randomly putting up pieces of your life there without anyone responding is like talking to a wall. If you want to enjoy Plurk, gather up your friends. Without them, you'll end up lurking other random plurkers who may get pissed when you suddenly butt in their conversations.

So why do I still log-in every single day and keep my karma up? I don't know. Perhaps to remain connected with those around me. Or perhaps I want to reach nirvana. But frankly, plurk is addicting for those who want to keep in touch. So if you want to get updated, get yourself plurking.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Convenience Store

Summary: A wonderful short story of a young man who fell in love at first sight with a convenience store girl. But instead of impressing the girl, he ends up humiliating himself in front of her. Will he ever manage to get her attention?

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Kokoro Series

Another entry from Lin and Rin Kagamine. Don't I just love these two Vocaloids? heh.
I highly suggest that you view the vids separately before watching the last (combo) vid.

Summary: A lonely scientist creates a robotic companion named Kiseki (Miracle). Everything is perfect, except for one thing: the robot doesn't have a Kokoro (soul). Will he give up his dream of perfecting Kiseki?

*Same disclaimer to previous Vocaloid vids apply.

The Scientist's Point of View~ a lonely scientist succeeds in creating the perfect robot, but finds himself at a loss at why a certain program won't work on her.

The Robot's Point of View ~ occured many years after the scientist dies. Now alone, Kiseki finds the Kokoro Program and downloads it into her system, resulting in an unbelievable surprise.

Kokoro counter point ~ a combination of the two vids above. See how both the messages of the Scientist and his Robot interact with each other through Counterpointing. *credits to Tala-chan for explaining the term Counterpointing.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcoming October with Vocaloid

Since October is my birth month, I've decided to celebrate it by posting my favorite Vocaloid vids. And to welcome my favorite month of the year, here is a cheerful dance from the Vocaloid family.

*Same disclaimer applies here.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Vocaloid Collection Part 1 - The Evil Series

Disclaimer: Videos posted here are not my own, but those I found over YouTube. There are more than one video made for the same song, and these are the ones that I truly found noteworthy. I would definitely credit the original owners of the said videos, just give me a PM so I can place them here.

Summary: A princess from a certain country rules by evil. See how everything turns out when her servant changes her point of view.

The Daughter of Evil ~ a princess's jealousy creates her own downfall. Sung by Hatsune Miku.

The Servant of Evil ~ The princess's servant who looked insignificant turns out to be the most important person for her after all. Sung by Rin Kagamine.

Translated Version of the Servant of Evil

The Message of Regret* ~ The princess is eaten up with the regret for losing her most cherished servant. Sung by Len Kagamine. *Sadly, I found only one version of the Message of Regret. This song needs a lot more lovin!!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Breaking the Music Charts with Vocaloid

Photo credits to Visit their site for more Vocaloid info.

I had introduced Vocaloid in a previous post of mine. For those who doesn't know, Vocaloid is a voice synthesizer program from Japan. Seriously, who would have thought that a voice from a machine would be that big of a hit? I mean, really, you'd definitely see at least one version of the same Vocaloid song. And their songs had also made it big in the music charts of Japan.

First popularized in Nico Nico Douga, Japan's version of the YouTube, it has also been home to the freshest Vocaloid entries. (But you'd have to get past registration first before you can even watch one. Lame for me and others who doesn't understand Japanese and their other available languages.) So how does it work? Beats me, I haven't got a Vocaloid program for myself. But Wikipedia managed to explain most of it.

Originally, there was the voice of Hatsune Miku. Characterized as a green haired girl in pigtails, the data for the voice was created by actually sampling the voice of Saki Fujita, a Japanese voice actress. Personally, I think that Miku's voice is best for the Asian/Oriental songs. One of her internet debuts was the Ievan Polkka, gaining 2 million plus votes as of today. Miku's personality is that of a young girl, kind and a bit gullible. And yes, she likes to twirl that onion leek around too.

My favorite twins came after Miku, Rin and Len Kagamine. This tandem is my favorite among them ever since I watched the Evil and the Kokoro Series of Vocaloid where these two star.

For me, Rin (the female twin) has a really good little girl's voice. As for Len (the male twin), I immediately noticed the "machine-quality" of his voice. Just like a little boy, he stumbles with his letters, specifically with his "S" and sometimes, his voice tends to sound really hollow. But together, these two can make up a perfect duet. I just love these two together. (And from their songs, they seem to be utterly dedicated with each other.) I recommend their voice for just about anything that needs that child-like quality, no matter how evil it must be.

The voice I definitely fell for was Kaito's. He was the more mature older guy with blue hair (from the Evil series, he was the love interest of Miku. On the parody, he was a playboy that was serenading Meiko, the other older Vocaloid.)

His voice is cool and well developed. Definitely best for those serenades. And I wouldn't mind being serenaded by him either. X3

Finally, we have Meiko, the mature young woman of the 5. Appearing as a strong woman in both form and character, her voice complements her personality well. Of the five, I think she ranks as the 4th of the most popular/used Vocaloid since she was fairly new. (5th will be my poor poor Kaito. T_T)

As I said, I haven't heard much from Meiko. Hell, I even had a hard time trying to find that picture above. But as the first voice in the Alice in Wonderland Horror version, she really did quite well. I'd say we give Meiko and Kaito a bit more lovin from now on.

Well, there are others more, but I will leave it to these five for the moment. My next posts will discuss the best Vocaloid songs and vids I found over YouTube. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Human Calendar

So you want a calendar that is out of the ordinary? Check out the Human Calendar.

Human Calendar is just like any ordinary calendar that shows the date in the famous grid format of Roman Calendars. What sets it apart from others is that it uses people to hold the names/numbers of the date. Also, it automatically changes every day, so expect a new face to appear (except perhaps if you have been using it for a year and seen all the faces!). I first found it at StumbleUpon, not knowing that it can also be used as an add-on widget for your blogs until I saw it on Sound of a Soft Breath approximately two months later. (Shame on me!)

If you want to get your own Human Calendar widget, just go to their homepage and click on the calendar that shows up to be directed to the website itself. There you will see a brief history of Human Calendars, and get your own free portable calendar as well.

Human Calendar is available for websites and blog platforms like Blogger and Wordpress. It's also available for Chumby ~ a digital radio, photo album and alarm clock all in one. Says there that you can click on the people to change who they are looking at. Also, if you shake your Chumby, they will panic. (Which is a lot more fun for me!). Go check it out for yourself!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kawaii Toyaa Pig Clocks

Found this Toyaa Pig from The Fab and the Furious. It was so kawaii (cute) that I decided to adopt him.

Isn't he just the cutest?

There are four other designs you can choose from. Codes are available at their home site: 飛行豬 托芽 TOYAA PIG - Category: 托芽小時鐘: (Don't ask me to translate, coz I dunno what it means myself.)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rockin Out Loud on Anime Tunes!

The Princess from the Land of Green:
Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid! Kawaii!

Yes, yes.... I've been a very lazy girl and hadn't updated in weeks. I was busy (yes, of course, that old reason of being busy again.) with work and life as well... But I was also busy listening to showtunes. Anime showtunes.

You know you're a true anime fan or otaku when all the music that runs in your head is either something from your favorite series, J-rock/J-pop band or another one of Vocaloid's newest songs. But if you live outside Japan, you probably have had a hard time trying to find that song, didn't you?

Well, look no further. is here. offers a lot of anime MP3's for FREE. Yes... You read it right... FREE. You can download up to 100 songs, organized by anime, title, or artist. I only came about this recently through a friend. And yes, I, who have been an anime fan for around 10 years and counting, am ashamed to admit that I did not know about Gendou before that.


To finally get downloading, all you have to do is simply register. You would also need a good and fast Internet connection so those downloads can just keep coming in.

On the plus side, Gendou not only offers music, but also radio streaming and anime series download as well. I haven't tried both services though, so I can't actually review that part of Gendou. They also have forums as well, where you can chat about anything to any otaku lurking nearby. And you can drop a donation if you are feeling wealthy.

There are several negatives too. Though Gendou offers free music, not all of them is entirely free. New arrivals can cost you, but give it a little time (at least a week) and your music will be free again. Another thing is that Gendou sometimes conduct serious maintenance that disables the sites features for that day, including downloads. So it's nice to get an RSS feed to see what features are disabled for the day.

Also, there is a limit of 100 songs per account. Though it says there in their FAQ that you can download up to 100 songs per day, I never saw my download count reset anytime in the past.

Lastly, Gendou doesn't carry all the songs. So don't be surprised if you can't find the Namimori Anthem in there. But frankly, I'm quite satisfied with my Sakura Addiction.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Lazy Bloggers

OMFG! I just climbed out from under my rock and realised I have not updated this since they invented sliced bread... You would not believe how heavy that rock really is. Seriously!.

I am lost in a sea of pseudo-olde-english with waiting for a fine young gentleman to propose, selling my soul to Google, just generally being Snow White to anyone unfortunate to cross my path, my day is passing in a blur from the light through yonder window breaks to I feel like going to bed. I am plotting and planning. but this damned rock is heavy.

I go, my lords and ladies; just I will write something that makes sense soon. Seriously! Until my paycheck dawneth..

A sample of a blog post you can create using The Lazy Bloggers Post Generator. Make a wacky post today!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Manga Madness

Call me a tard but I'm a real sucker for a good manga. Hell, my friends know just how much I rave about them. Usually before I do watch a certain anime series not shown or to be shown locally (and sometimes dubbed horribly *coughBleachcough*), I read up on the manga, then judge if it's worth my viewing time or not. And then, annoy my friends until they give up and begin to read it too.

Here's a short list of my favorite manga sites where you can freely read or download them. Note: Once a manga is licensed, the manga scans is usually removed from the site. As a tip, if you really love it, download yourself a copy, so you can still read it. Yes, I am evil. But frankly, licensed manga doesn't really reach our side of the world as fast as yours. And sometimes, even when licensed, the new volumes are horribly slow in coming.

Anyway, enough of the rant. Ladies and gentlement, geeks and nerds and tards, I bring thee, the list.

  1. Spectrum Nexus
~ My first manga scanlation read online would probably Deathnote. I was looking for a free manga scans site when I found this. Instantly I got hooked on Deathnote, even before others here in our country realized about it. Of course I spread the good old Deathnote love and infected at least two people to read it. Anyway, a lot of good, even licensed manga, are available here. You can read them for free, but not all volumes will be available in one day. They use a rotation system which only releases at least 5 chapters a week. Example, this week, they would have vol. 1-5 of Deathnote up. Next week will be vol. 6-10 and so on. You click through each page to view the next. I really love it, but they do not host manga that isn't too popular. For this, I give this site:

2. Manga Volume
~The second site I went to was Manga Volume. It has a good list of scans of manga that is unavailable at Spectrum Nexus. I read A Girls here (surprisingly, I can't find it anywhere else). Click through manga to get to the next page. The only difficulty I had with Manga Volume is that it takes eons to load. But I don't know about that now. It's been two years since I returned to their site...

For the not-so-popular manga, I give them:

3. One Manga
~ After Manga Volume, I found myself in One Manga. A much better counterpart for Manga Volume, not only does One Manga host the not-so-popular manga, the site is pretty easy to navigate as well. One Manga separates its scans per genre, so it's easy to look for a new manga to jump into that is very similar to your interests. Also, you can read a plot summary so you know before hand if you like the story or not. I'm currently really happy with One Manga, especially since they are hosting my current manga obsession: Katekyo Hitman Reborn (TO THE EXTREEMEE!!!!!!!). Same as with every one, click through each page to move on to the next. Downside? It's blocked in my work computer. T_T. And if you are looking for some slash manga (ecchi, shoujo-ai, shonen-ai, yaoi, yuri, etc.), they don't host too many of them. But that aside, I rate One Manga:

hell yeah! five onions!

4. Manga Fox

~ So you want a bit more ecchi do you? You naughty naughty person. *grin*

For the want to read manga at work (shh! don't tell my bosses!), I found Manga Fox. Not only do they have practically every manga like One Manga, they also have "it". Yes. Teh slash mangas!

They don't host every slash there is, but here, you can freely read them online. Like A Love Song in a Nameless Country (a shoujo-ai), which can be downloaded for free at Lililicious, can be read at Manga Fox. No downloads required. Like the above sites, click through each page to move to the next. The only thing that I don't like about Manga Fox is that it updates uber slow. Example: One Manga releases a new chapter every week. If your manga updates every Saturday, you can expect to read the next chapter the following Thursday, right? In Manga Fox, the updates takes even up to a week longer. So if it was released on a Thursday, it will appear in Manga Fox as much as two weeks.

Because of the long wait (and also since I am not that very patient with waiting for new chapters), I rate this:

aww... only two onions...

5. Storm In Heaven

~It was love at first download.

I became a fan of Yuana Kazumi when I found her manga, The Flower of Deep Sleep, while browsing over an anime stand that was moving out. Being a manga fan who delights in new discoveries, (and since Yuana isn't a popular manga artist here) I immediately used my salary from our Class Corporation to buy the first volume of The Flower of Deep Sleep. (To my delight, TFDS is only two volumes, and I was able to ask a good friend of mine, draconianangel, to buy me the second volume as a coming home gift for me. Thanks, Iwi. XD)

Of course, I wanted more Yuana Kazumi. But none of the local stores have it. Of course, they had Deathnote, Naruto, Loveless and even Land of the Blindfolded. But they just don't have a Yuana Kazumi. So I turned to the Net for answers.

Thanks to Google, I found Storm in Heaven.

Don't be amazed with the site's cool layout. They change it frequently, each one cooler than the first. Storm in Heaven is a wonderful wonderful site where you can freely download manga scanlations to your delight. And yes they have Yuana Kazumi! (Hooray! Hooray!) They used to host three of Yuana Kazumi's works: A Million Tears, Skydream Song, and Haru Hana. But since A Million Tears had been licensed earlier this year, it was put down by the site. T_T.

That aside, Storm in Heaven also has a lot of other wonderful manga, my favorites being Vitamin and Kobatotei Ibun. Before they only allow downloads, nowadays, you can also read manga online from them as well. Storm in heaven keeps on giving something new to the palette and for this I rate Storm in Heaven:

hell yeah! five onions!

Discover new manga today! Visit these sites now!

~ Thanks to Anikaos for the onions. They amuse me endlessly. :) ~

Monday, July 28, 2008

The "Ultimate" Resource: Wikipedia

Learning From Wikipedia
Thanks to for the inspiration in today's post.

Perhaps everyone who had used the net at least once had seen or heard (if not used) Wikipedia. Wikipedia, as defined in their own site, is a "free, multilingual, open content encyclopedia project operated by the United States-based non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. Its name is a portmanteau of the words wiki (a technology for creating collaborative websites) and encyclopedia. Launched in 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, it attempts to collect and summarize all human knowledge in every major language." (Source: where else?) Currently translated into 253 languages, Wikipedia can definitely boast as the "most popular general reference resource in the Internet". It is the first thing I consult for all those define-this-and-that homeworks our teachers and professors love. Admit it. If you've been using Wikipedia long enough, you definitely had at least once copy-pasted something from it. Whether it's a picture, a paragraph or even the whole article, we are all guilty of using something from the Wikipedia.

But that aside, Wikipedia may be the coolest thing out there, but like all things, it has its downsides. Being an open source, Wikipedia allows any Internet user to edit any article with out having to log in to the site. How many of you had experienced reading and sometimes linking to an article when all of the sudden after a day or two that same article has been changed? Take for example the article of Ino Yamanaka from the anime series, Naruto. (Please excuse the following Narutardness). There used to be a full page article about Ino Yamanaka, complete with some of the significant appearances she made during the whole first season and some spoilers from the Shippuden Arc of the manga. A week or so before the Shippuden arc was released, the said article disappeared. (I was following it because I wanted to cosplay as the 2 1/2 years later Ino and the original article had the picture.) Ino Yamanaka was then edited into a chunky small paragraph in the wiki's List of Naruto Characters. Perhaps the admins themselves edited it, or somebody else did. I will never know. But anyway, that's just a sample of what can and is happening in Wikipedia. (I'm talking about the main Wikipedia article. Not those in the other wikipages like this.) Some were even worse, giving biased opinions on some topics and others giving wrong information period.

Still, Wikipedia had taken steps to avoid these mishaps by controlling the number of articles that can be edited by the masses and the people who can actually do the editing. This mere effort proves that Wiki does care of what goes out of their site and want to make it as credible as it possibly can. Seriously, Wiki is still the number one resource for me, and still begin my definition searches from them. But if you are ever caught in doubt, you can always consult other websites or other people. You don't really have to rely on Wiki for everything.

**P.S. This is not a remark against Wikipedia, but a shout out to the people who turn this wonderful site into a gossip bin. Stop ruining Wiki. Go to your blog or forums and rant there instead. A lot of people are relying on the information on Wiki, so please don't clutter it with trash.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Favorite Social Networking Sites

Oh the social networking sites of today seem to grow more and more interesting, don't they? Here's a rundown of the sites I frequently go to. Watch out, coz I just might meet you there!

Friendster's Log-in page

Who could forget where it all started? When the Friendster fever hit the Philippines, it hit hard. People can be seeing advertising their email addresses everywhere. Introductions included: "Do you have a Friendster account? Please add me!" I remember the main goal at why our class in college required of a class directory: to add 50 people in their friendster list. There were conventions, eyeballs, grand eyeballs and relationships coming and going. Friendster was in every body's mouths until other social networks came in.

2. Gaia Online

First started out as, Gaia online is probably the first (and for me the best) social networking site that had used the anime avatar system. I first found out about Gaia back when it was still, with only one town, Barton, and
the other two towns (Durem and Akaea) just on the way. Back then, Gaia was mainly for forums and avatars. And you guess it, its all about anime, manga, gaming, and everything in between. The best thing about Gaia besides the very customizable cute avatars is the gold earning system wherein you earn gold just by hanging around the site! There used to be a gift box that pops up wherein you can win cool rare items. The gift box is still there, though it is really really rare nowadays. You can also earn gold with the Daily Chance that appears instead.

My Gaia me! See you in the forums!

After a few changes and a lot of awesome updates, new improved GaiaOnline now boasts its own share of community with games, Cash shops, merchandise, their very own manga, evolving items and more. From one, the towns grew into three. Future plans include the launch of the official GaiaOnline MMORPG, zOMG!. Continuous change and updates is what made Gaia a truly successful and memorable Social network that anime fans will surely love.

3. Meez

Probably the best one for now is Meez. I found about it through Photobucket (where it enables you to create an avatar of your own.)
Meez 3D avatar avatars games
Where can you find a Witch as sexy as that? LOLZ.

Using Java technology, Meez creates not only customizable avatars, THEY ALSO MOVE. That's right. Probably the one thing that makes it really different from Gaia is that the avatars are animated. Lots of stuff to choose from too. To earn gold, you need to play games. Though the games themselves are cool too, you'd have to make past a certain level to earn a big haul (and earn a very nice award that is displayed in your profile for all to see.)

There are others out there, but so far, these are the ones that I really love hanging around in. Check them out for yourself. Don't blame me if you get addicted!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Love at first Stumble

When I first went online back in 2002 (and never knew about the existence of the Internet before that being a lame computer noob that I was.), I was lead by the leash of Google search, typing in search query after search query in vain effort to get lucky and find the info I am looking for. I knew no other option for exploring the net except by typing the actual URL, which is also lame since I was never really good at remembering them. I wanted to explore the whole Internet and all that there is to it (save porn). It was as if the Net was the well that can quench my thirst for knowledge: fact, fiction, or lies. And I wished there was another way. A faster way...

6 years later, I found the answer. It was named

Now that I have access to the fast Internet connection that I was deprived of six years ago (even up to now at my home PC), and working in the Internet industry as well, I "stumbled upon" it and fell in love at first "stumble!". It was so amazing that I found myself signing up and downloading the toolbar. It was instant Internet exploration/bookmarking at the same time, and I love it.

I is not gonna show you my account name there! Harhar! Stumble Upon me!

One of the downfalls of the site is that sometimes it generates the same results at every stumble. Meaning if you tagged "environment" as a favorite, one of the sites, say, (I don't know if this exists. Nudge me if it does.) will have a tendency to reappear as a stumble answer to that tag every single time. So you don't have to be surprised to have explored every single page in your favorite website. Furthermore, the results are on a per page basis. You don't really see the homepage unless the item is in the homepage. This can be a downside especially if there was a picture (this usually happens in pictures) that you like and would like to see more from that website, but there are no homepage buttons around, or you'll have to manually crop the URL on the address bar. But those aside, Stumble Upon is a great way to experience the web. It's fun, easy, and you can also find people with similar interests as you do and chat with them. Half the sites I will be posting here would be recommended by Stumble Upon too, so don't be surprised if you already had "Stumbled" into that site before I did or Stumble upon it afterwards.

*pushes the Stumble! button* Hey, here's another cool site...