Thursday, September 11, 2008

Human Calendar

So you want a calendar that is out of the ordinary? Check out the Human Calendar.

Human Calendar is just like any ordinary calendar that shows the date in the famous grid format of Roman Calendars. What sets it apart from others is that it uses people to hold the names/numbers of the date. Also, it automatically changes every day, so expect a new face to appear (except perhaps if you have been using it for a year and seen all the faces!). I first found it at StumbleUpon, not knowing that it can also be used as an add-on widget for your blogs until I saw it on Sound of a Soft Breath approximately two months later. (Shame on me!)

If you want to get your own Human Calendar widget, just go to their homepage and click on the calendar that shows up to be directed to the website itself. There you will see a brief history of Human Calendars, and get your own free portable calendar as well.

Human Calendar is available for websites and blog platforms like Blogger and Wordpress. It's also available for Chumby ~ a digital radio, photo album and alarm clock all in one. Says there that you can click on the people to change who they are looking at. Also, if you shake your Chumby, they will panic. (Which is a lot more fun for me!). Go check it out for yourself!

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Marilyn said...

That is kind of a cool thing.