Monday, October 27, 2008

Convenience Store

Summary: A wonderful short story of a young man who fell in love at first sight with a convenience store girl. But instead of impressing the girl, he ends up humiliating himself in front of her. Will he ever manage to get her attention?

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Kokoro Series

Another entry from Lin and Rin Kagamine. Don't I just love these two Vocaloids? heh.
I highly suggest that you view the vids separately before watching the last (combo) vid.

Summary: A lonely scientist creates a robotic companion named Kiseki (Miracle). Everything is perfect, except for one thing: the robot doesn't have a Kokoro (soul). Will he give up his dream of perfecting Kiseki?

*Same disclaimer to previous Vocaloid vids apply.

The Scientist's Point of View~ a lonely scientist succeeds in creating the perfect robot, but finds himself at a loss at why a certain program won't work on her.

The Robot's Point of View ~ occured many years after the scientist dies. Now alone, Kiseki finds the Kokoro Program and downloads it into her system, resulting in an unbelievable surprise.

Kokoro counter point ~ a combination of the two vids above. See how both the messages of the Scientist and his Robot interact with each other through Counterpointing. *credits to Tala-chan for explaining the term Counterpointing.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcoming October with Vocaloid

Since October is my birth month, I've decided to celebrate it by posting my favorite Vocaloid vids. And to welcome my favorite month of the year, here is a cheerful dance from the Vocaloid family.

*Same disclaimer applies here.