Friday, October 17, 2008

The Kokoro Series

Another entry from Lin and Rin Kagamine. Don't I just love these two Vocaloids? heh.
I highly suggest that you view the vids separately before watching the last (combo) vid.

Summary: A lonely scientist creates a robotic companion named Kiseki (Miracle). Everything is perfect, except for one thing: the robot doesn't have a Kokoro (soul). Will he give up his dream of perfecting Kiseki?

*Same disclaimer to previous Vocaloid vids apply.

The Scientist's Point of View~ a lonely scientist succeeds in creating the perfect robot, but finds himself at a loss at why a certain program won't work on her.

The Robot's Point of View ~ occured many years after the scientist dies. Now alone, Kiseki finds the Kokoro Program and downloads it into her system, resulting in an unbelievable surprise.

Kokoro counter point ~ a combination of the two vids above. See how both the messages of the Scientist and his Robot interact with each other through Counterpointing. *credits to Tala-chan for explaining the term Counterpointing.

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