Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rockin Out Loud on Anime Tunes!

The Princess from the Land of Green:
Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid! Kawaii!

Yes, yes.... I've been a very lazy girl and hadn't updated in weeks. I was busy (yes, of course, that old reason of being busy again.) with work and life as well... But I was also busy listening to showtunes. Anime showtunes.

You know you're a true anime fan or otaku when all the music that runs in your head is either something from your favorite series, J-rock/J-pop band or another one of Vocaloid's newest songs. But if you live outside Japan, you probably have had a hard time trying to find that song, didn't you?

Well, look no further. Gendou.com is here.

Gendou.com offers a lot of anime MP3's for FREE. Yes... You read it right... FREE. You can download up to 100 songs, organized by anime, title, or artist. I only came about this recently through a friend. And yes, I, who have been an anime fan for around 10 years and counting, am ashamed to admit that I did not know about Gendou before that.


To finally get downloading, all you have to do is simply register. You would also need a good and fast Internet connection so those downloads can just keep coming in.

On the plus side, Gendou not only offers music, but also radio streaming and anime series download as well. I haven't tried both services though, so I can't actually review that part of Gendou. They also have forums as well, where you can chat about anything to any otaku lurking nearby. And you can drop a donation if you are feeling wealthy.

There are several negatives too. Though Gendou offers free music, not all of them is entirely free. New arrivals can cost you, but give it a little time (at least a week) and your music will be free again. Another thing is that Gendou sometimes conduct serious maintenance that disables the sites features for that day, including downloads. So it's nice to get an RSS feed to see what features are disabled for the day.

Also, there is a limit of 100 songs per account. Though it says there in their FAQ that you can download up to 100 songs per day, I never saw my download count reset anytime in the past.

Lastly, Gendou doesn't carry all the songs. So don't be surprised if you can't find the Namimori Anthem in there. But frankly, I'm quite satisfied with my Sakura Addiction.

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