Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Favorite Social Networking Sites

Oh the social networking sites of today seem to grow more and more interesting, don't they? Here's a rundown of the sites I frequently go to. Watch out, coz I just might meet you there!

Friendster's Log-in page

Who could forget where it all started? When the Friendster fever hit the Philippines, it hit hard. People can be seeing advertising their email addresses everywhere. Introductions included: "Do you have a Friendster account? Please add me!" I remember the main goal at why our class in college required of a class directory: to add 50 people in their friendster list. There were conventions, eyeballs, grand eyeballs and relationships coming and going. Friendster was in every body's mouths until other social networks came in.

2. Gaia Online

First started out as, Gaia online is probably the first (and for me the best) social networking site that had used the anime avatar system. I first found out about Gaia back when it was still, with only one town, Barton, and
the other two towns (Durem and Akaea) just on the way. Back then, Gaia was mainly for forums and avatars. And you guess it, its all about anime, manga, gaming, and everything in between. The best thing about Gaia besides the very customizable cute avatars is the gold earning system wherein you earn gold just by hanging around the site! There used to be a gift box that pops up wherein you can win cool rare items. The gift box is still there, though it is really really rare nowadays. You can also earn gold with the Daily Chance that appears instead.

My Gaia me! See you in the forums!

After a few changes and a lot of awesome updates, new improved GaiaOnline now boasts its own share of community with games, Cash shops, merchandise, their very own manga, evolving items and more. From one, the towns grew into three. Future plans include the launch of the official GaiaOnline MMORPG, zOMG!. Continuous change and updates is what made Gaia a truly successful and memorable Social network that anime fans will surely love.

3. Meez

Probably the best one for now is Meez. I found about it through Photobucket (where it enables you to create an avatar of your own.)
Meez 3D avatar avatars games
Where can you find a Witch as sexy as that? LOLZ.

Using Java technology, Meez creates not only customizable avatars, THEY ALSO MOVE. That's right. Probably the one thing that makes it really different from Gaia is that the avatars are animated. Lots of stuff to choose from too. To earn gold, you need to play games. Though the games themselves are cool too, you'd have to make past a certain level to earn a big haul (and earn a very nice award that is displayed in your profile for all to see.)

There are others out there, but so far, these are the ones that I really love hanging around in. Check them out for yourself. Don't blame me if you get addicted!

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